Frequently asked questions

We always want our customers to have a great experience when shopping with us and we want you to be happy with your purchase. 

In order for us to give you a great service, it's important to make sure you know which model phone you are buying for. 

Here are a few tips it's important to know before placing your order:

iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C are not compatible.

- The iPhone 5 and 5S are very similar in shape, whilst the iPhone 5C is very different. If you have ordered a case for an iPhone 5, 5S or 5C and it doesn't fit or constantly flicks the silent switch on and off then you have probably got the wrong case for the phone you're using. 

You can read more about the differences between the iPhone 5 and 5S and the iPhone 5C here.


Cases are incompatible with other models of phone unless specified.

- Cases will only fit the phones specified on the product drop down menu. Unfortunately we are unable to obtain the right type of phone cases for other models of phones, although this is something we are constantly working on.


Can I buy even if I haven't served?

Our products are for everyone that supports the Armed Forces, whether they are veterans, serving personnel or family members. As long as you aren't claiming to have served when you haven't then its ok with us.


Do I have to have my name rank and number engraved?

You can have any text you like engraved on to your order whether thats your service details, a personal message or a unit title.


Where is XXX Unit, Ship, Squadron or RAF Unit?

We offer all the insignia made available to us through the MOD Crown Copyright licensing scheme. Unfortunately not all insignia are available and the terms of the license say that we cannot offer them. If you cant find your insignia then I'm afraid we don't do it.


Are you really licensed by the MOD?

Yes, we are officially licensed. We won't offer our license details out over social media as they could be misused by a non-licensed business - even if we did, unless you contact the relevant department, our license number wouldn't prove anything! If you want to check our license holding status then feel free to contact the relevant MOD department. More information on this department and the licensing scheme can be found here.


Are you a charity? Do you pay any of your profits to the Armed Forces?

We are not a charity and we have never claimed to be. We pay 10% of our annual sale plus VAT directly to the Ministry of Defence.